Help Others Avoid Eviction This Christmas

In this season of counting blessings and helping your fellow man, take a moment to consider your fellow renters. While none of us enjoys stroking a check to the landlord once a month, it's an enviable position to be in these days.

Many renters struggle to make their rent payment on a regular basis, and the smallest unexpected setback can send them into a financial tailspin - often not stopping until they end up on the street. hopes to stop that process before it gets out of control.

Creator and CEO Keith Taylor launched the first version of the site in 2002 as a way to help connect small-scale donors with small-needs recipients. The thinking is that sometimes just $20 can make a million-dollar difference to someone in need.

ModestNeed's beneficiaries need everything from new glasses to auto repair, but a large number of them need help with their rent. For reasons ranging from health issues to unemployment, there are hundreds of applicants on the site who could use just a few dollars to keep them from losing their homes.

All applicants are thoroughly vetted by ModestNeed's full-time staff, and donors can choose which specific beneficiary will receive their donation (which can be the entire needed amount, or any portion thereof).

Visit the site and search by "Imminent Loss of Housing" to find the renters who can use a little help this season. And when Jan. 1 rolls around and you're grumbling while stroking a check to the landlord, please take a minute to count your own blessings.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season, and a prosperous new year!
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