Sweet Rental: Beverly Hills 1BR for $1,395

This apartment
is offering a special: one month free rent. It goes for $1395 per month -- with utilities included! And who knows, maybe if you call and ask nicely you can get more of a deal...This spot is walking distance to Kate Mantelini on Wilshire (great late night dining) as well as the restaurants and shops on Beverly Drive. You can also walk to the yummy sushi spots on Doheny and Olympic and pick which if the many Starbucks options you will call your local spot.

It's always good to get a deal on rent, but when you also have a neighborhood to enjoy, that makes an apartment even better. Or in other words that's called a win-win. Plus, here you are close to all the mansions in Beverly Hills that you REALLY want.

All I know is having one month free and not having to pay utilities means you are basically paying $1295 a year - total - for this apartment. I call that sweet.

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