Last minute e-mail gifts they will love


First: Don't panic. Lots of others have forgotten key people on their holiday gift lists besides you. Second: Turn on your computer. Quick.

Third: Sing the praises of the e-mailed gift certificate, also available in pdf, print-outable form! Cost of shipping -- zip! Number of trees sacrificed to packaging -- zero! Number of points racked up for creativity and thoughtfulness -- countless!

The New York Times recently ran a wonderful article by Claire Cain Miller recently (Dec.23,2009) discussing a plethora of websites that enable users to get their artistic mojo on with impressive results.At sites such as Zazzle, CafePress, Spreadshirt, and Blurb, if you can imagine it, you can personalize it. Traffic and sales at these sites has increased dramatically this year as many people got crafty with their gift giving.