Foreclosure Mistake Causes "Trashout" in Las Vegas

A woman comes home to find her condo completely emptied of all her possessions: wedding dress, baby pictures, furniture - everything, mysteriously gone. Unfortunately, it's not the plot of a TV crime show - it's the reality for one distraught Las Vegas homeowner.

In a story sure to give nightmares to owner and renters alike, Nilly Mauck's home was emptied of everything she owns, all due to a clerical mixup. The condo next to hers had been foreclosed on, and the company hired to empty it out simply targeted the wrong address.
There had been at least one strange incident leading up to the "trashout" (the cold-hearted industry term for emptying a foreclosed or evicted property), in which the realty company dealing with the foreclosure had mistakenly re-keyed Mauck's door instead of the neighbor's.

The re-keying turned out to be a final step in the process leading to the trashout, and one that Mauck probably wishes she had investigated more aggressively.

The legal posturings are only just beginning, with Mauck demanding between $100k and $200k restitution, and the offending company countering with an offer of just $5k. Either way you slice it, money isn't going to bring back a lifetime of memories.

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