A gift voucher you don't want to redeem -- divorce advice

British lawyerIt's not as tasteless as giving a pap smear for Christmas, but a London law firm is getting close with divorce vouchers.

It's a gift you don't want to find under your tree on Christmas morning -- "Merry Christmas, honey! Now get out of the house!"

For 125 British pounds, or about $200, you can give the gift of half an hour with a divorce lawyer from Lloyd Platt and Company, which normally charges £325 ($530) an hour, according to a Reuters story.

More than 60 of the vouchers have been sold, meaning 60 people are thinking of getting a divorce and need some advice.

Here's some free advice: Don't give out divorce vouchers at Christmas.

Besides having a family member die on Christmas, getting a divorce voucher would be one of the worst Christmas memories to have. For years, the receiver will likely remember the horrible gift on Christmas Day. I know that many divorces aren't amicable and that some couples want to hurt each other, but destroying someone's Christmas? That's too much.

The law firm's founder, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, told Reuters, "They seem to to appeal to an enormously widespread spectrum of people looking for that 'must have' gift of Christmas."

It's the last "must have" gift I could think of getting anyone. It makes you wonder what other tactics the law firm has in mind if divorce proceedings continue beyond the redeemed voucher.

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