Atlantic Terminal: Finally, an End to the Wait

Atlantic Yards, the controversial redevelopment project in one of Brooklyn's busiest intersections, has been stalled and hobbled since long before scaffolding went up at Pacific and Dean in 2007. Whether or not the nearly $5 billion project is in the public interest is still up for grabs (opposition groups have continually lost their lawsuits claiming abuse of eminent domain), but at least one piece of the project aimed for public use has come to fruition: the Atlantic Terminal, which houses the Long Island Rail Road and just about every major subway line besides the F and A/C, has opened. Brooklyn real estate blog Brownstoner called it "the most momentous news in the history of time."
Joking aside--it was, after all, slated for completion in 2007--the building's completion does count as one of the project's official successes, no matter how undercut by the hideous sister building behind it (the best we can say for it is that it resembles an enormous air conditioner). The building itself is inoffensive, which is more than one can say for developer Bruce Ratner's other creations, including said air conditioner-ish building, Atlantic Terminal mall and Metrotech Center. Those projects bring the suburban office park mentality to the inner city, and have choked the life out of those areas. The train station, at least, celebrates the very urban institution of public transportation.

Now if they could just do something to make the trains run better, too...
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