An Adoptable Penguin Appears in FarmVille!

Finally, the Penguin made its debut in FarmVille!

farmville freak devs penguin adoption notice
FarmVille Freak Dev's Penguin Adoption Notice

Even more good news, the Penguin is an adoptable animal, meaning you will not have to pay farm cash or coins!

farmville freak adoption notice
FarmVille Freak Adoption Notice

The only way to get your very own Penguin is to adopt one from one of your FarmVille neighbors. Check for newsfeed updates to adopt a Penguin.

farmville freak mandos penguin
FarmVille Freak Mando's Penguin

If one shows up on your farm, you cannot keep it for yourself, but you can share it with friends inerested in giving it a good home!

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