A (Very) Alternative Small Space Solution

When you live in a small home, you always hear the same advice: Pare down your belongings and invest in storage to hide everything else away. Clutter, it's presumed, will make the space feel claustrophobic.

But Ryan Korban, a 25-year-old interior designer, has taken the opposite approach. Korban, who has designed the homes of actor James Franco and fashion designer Alexander Wang (a close friend), turned his 400 square foot SoHo apartment into a cave-like menagerie.

"When I see a minimalist apartment, I always think 'But where's their stuff?,'" Korban told The Wall Street Journal.
As you can see here, his home is stuffed with skins – a mink covered couch, stingray night table, and ostrich skin dresser, to name a few. Framed portraits rise from floor to ceiling, and books are stacked so high that they resemble architectural columns. Indeed, no surface has been spared: Ashtrays, orchids, and candlesticks have conquered the surfaces of his furniture. Yet the effect is as exotically elegant and explicitly personal as it is overwhelming.

"I like people to walk into a space and feel like they're entering a time period that hasn't existed yet," he said. What do you think? Is the stow-away approach a space saver? Or would you, like Ryan, let it all hang out?

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