Switching Careers: New paths in medicine and entrepreneurship


Even before the recession started, Michigan was shedding jobs. It remains one of the hardest hit states, with the unemployment rate clocking in at 15.4%. Officials in Detroit, the state's largest city, believe their city's rate is as high as 50%.

As the automobile industry reinvents itself, former workers have also had to switch gears. Tina Maule is one who retooled herself and is now working in medicine. She and Jill Bernheimer, a Los Angeles-based film producer turned wine merchant, share their stories of reinvention.

Tina Maule: Retraining to Help

Tina Maule had been working in Michigan's automotive plants since she graduated from high school in 1980. When she learned in 2005 that her second factory job was heading to the dustbin because the company, Kelsey Hayes, was moving to Mexico by the end of the year, she knew it was time to get out.