Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Own Home


If a man's home is his castle, shouldn't he be free to roam around bare-ass naked all day if he wants to, as long as he stays in the house and doesn't answer the door or mow the lawn in his birthday suit?

Maybe not in Virgina. The state is buzzing over the "Virginia Naked Trial" and "Home Alone Nudist," with residents debating whether a 29-year-old Fairfax County man was truly guilty of indecent exposure or given a bad rap by a judge. The trouble began when Erick Williamson, a commercial diver from Hawaii, got up to make coffee last October 24 in the Springfield, Va., home he was renting. He says his four roommates had left the house and he was alone, so he ran downstairs in the buff and started the java. Coffee, schmoffee: Joyce Giuliani, a school librarian driving to work, says she heard loud singing and saw Williamson standing bare-assed naked in his house behind a large picture window.

Later that morning, a mother was walking her seven year old son to school along a trail near Williamson's home. She claims she and her son saw Williamson standing in a side doorway of his home, near the carport, full frontal naked. And he made eye contact with her, though he made no gestures, nor talked to her or her son.