A Healthy Christmas Tree for a Healthy Home


What's worse than a dry and brittle Christmas tree? Well, O.K., coal in your stocking, but still, nothing says bah humbug like a dead tree.

So keep yours looking healthy with these 5 Tips for Christmas Tree Maintenance:

1. Make sure you choose a healthy tree. When shopping for trees, grab them by the trunk and tap them on the ground to make sure green needles don't fall off.

2. After you bring it home, cut two inches off the bottom and put in water. Allow to settle for a day inside before decorating.

3. Set tree up at least three feet from radiators and heating vents (and far enough away from fireplaces)

4. Don't get fancy with fertilizer, Aspirin or other additives, your tree just needs plain water, according to the National Christmas Tree Foundation.

5. When disposing of the tree, avoid pissing off your downstairs neighbors by using a Needle Nabber or Christmas tree garbage bag (harder to come by but usually bought where you got the tree). Or better yet: compost the tree. The needles and smaller branches will add nitrogen and carbon to your compost pile.

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