Coupon organizing 101: Q&A with Coupon Cravings


If you clip coupons you know that organizing them is half the battle, as GI Joe would say. How do you file them? Where do you keep them? How do you remember to bring them to the store?

I asked Erin Gifford, the coupon whiz behind CouponCravings, for her secrets on how she organizers her coupons in one minute, how long she keeps coupons around, and where you can use expired coupons.

I began clipping everything, but I quickly realized that is insane. It is better to file each insert by week. How do you organize your coupons?

You can't clip every coupon. i could tell you didn't have kids because if you have kids you don't have time to clip all the coupons.

There are two methods for clipping coupons. One is clipping them all out and filing them all right away. The second one is putting the inserts into that folder.

I kind of do a mix of both. I have my file folders but I'll try to cut out the ones I'm 95 percent sure I'm going to use, like for Danon yogurt because my husband takes those to work. But I always have the inserts, because as I'm sure you found...there will be really great deals but you have to have the coupon from two weeks ago or a month ago.