AT&T Tops Verizon in 12-City Test

If you are like me, you are getting a little sick of all these "AT&T vs Verizon" Luke Wilson commercials mucking up my weekends.

In a nutshell, Verizon says they have more 3G coverage, while AT&T says their network is better. But no one really cares what the network is like outside of where they spend 90 percent of their time.

Gizmodo did a survey of 12 cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Vegas, L.A., New York, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco. As a D.C. resident, this seems a little West Coast-centric to me, but whatever.

In nine out of the 12 cities, AT&T finished either first or second.

Verizon finished first in Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle, so that may be why you hear so much complaining about AT&T from people who live or often travel to those three cities.

T-Mobile finished first in Portland and Sprint topped the charts in Tampa, file that under random.

At the same time, Sprint won Gizmodo's survey of 3G coverage in 2008, so by this time next year, things could be totally different. But for now, AT&T is at least OK.

Maybe until Verizon gets an iPhone?

Now, here is a video of random clips from horror movies where people freak out about not having a signal on their cell phones.
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