Winter's Here, Eliminate Drafts

Today's the first day of winter so no better time than the present to tighten up the quarters. Plus, drafty windows in your apartment can cost you money. So ditch the space heater and use these tips to weatherize your windows.

Here are easy ways to insulate drafty windows and stay warm.

Where the Rubber Meets the Window
You can purchase a coil or more of self-sticking rubber weatherization cord at your local hardware store. Simply unroll the cord and cut to fit inside your window. Use it to plug the space between the window and sash. Make sure to clean your window first so it doesn't leave any residue when you peel off the rubber in the Spring.

Window films have a bad reputation for making the glass look wavy. Not so with the brand I've used called Energy-Film. It prevents solar gain in the summer, retains heat during the winter, and is practically invisible. As an added bonus I noticed that it also helped to muffle street noise. This is slightly expensive but well worth it if you sleep near a window.

The film is installed with soapy water and included squeegy. You can remove the film when you leave, or, gift it to the next resident. (Karma!)

Heavy Curtains
Heavy curtains will help to block cold air drafts through your windows. Pick some up inexpensively at a second-hand store, online, or your local shop. Don't forget the curtain rods. You may need to ask your apartment super or handyman to install the curtain rods. Some lease agreements stipulate these changes be performed by the building's representative so be sure to investigate before drilling.

Draft Snakes
Add some personality to your pad with a "draft snake" - a creature more stylish than a rolled up bath towel at the bottom of your window or door, but which serves a similar function. You can buy pre-made snakes, or make one yourself.
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