A Guy Who's Really Up in the Air

up in the air
up in the air

While George Clooney gets Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominations for playing the part a guy who travels the country "downsizing" people, Jess Chan gets no such kudos for doing the exact same thing in real life. But he does get the frequent flier miles and the same premiere guest status. "I think I even have the same suit," he laughs.

The story of Up in the Air could have been based on Chan's life--he's a single guy, working for a real company that is actually hired to help people who are losing their jobs. It's called Challenger Gray and Christmas, but don't let the name fool you -- most people find little that is merry about the work it does. The company describes itself as "the nation's first, oldest and premiere outplacement consulting organization," and there are those who actually turn tale and run when they see Chan coming, even though he doesn't do the actual firing.