Procter & Gamble recalls DayQuil capsules

Procter & Gamble forgot one teeny-tiny detail in manufacturing a recent batch of Vicks DayQuil capsules: To protect your kids from them.

The absence of a childproof cap forced the company to recall 700,000 packs of the over-the-counter cold and flu medicine, Tte Associated Press reported. The label says that the packages are childproof but they are not.

Have little ones and want to know if you have the DayQuil in question? The recall involves only the DayQuil Cold & Flu 24-Count LiquiCaps Bonus Pack. Then check for a "Bonus 20 Percent More" on a yellow banner at the top-right corner, according to the report.

For a refund or replacement coupon, call the company at 1-800-251-3374. If you can't wait to feel better in this nasty sick season, make sure to keep the Vicks DayQuil out of reach of small, curious hands, the company urged in a statement on Friday.

Your relief is perhaps closer at hand than Procter & Gamble's. The appearance of bacteria in test samples of P&G's Vicks Sinex last month led to the recall of 120,000 bottles.

The DayQuil mistake covers a shipment of Vicks DayQuil that hit shelves between September 2008 and February 2009, and again between September and December of this year, P&G spokeswoman Crystal Harrell said in the AP story. The company spotted the oversight during a routine check on packaging. Distribution of the new corrected boxes was set to begin within the week.

Procter & Gamble took a financial hit for its oops. Its stock dropped 75 cents on Friday. The good news is that there were no reports that children under 12 accidentally took the medicine, which combines acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, doxylamine and pseudoephrine. In other words, they're drugs that cool your fever, ease your cough, and help you breathe easier.

But these doses aren't for kids. Next time, keep a lid on it, P&G.
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