Madonna Hops on Hamptons Horse Farm

As the saying goes, if you fall off a horse, get back on. Or in the case of Madonna, buy a 30-acre horse farm in toney Bridgehampton, Long Island.

Earlier this month came word that the pop star was purchasing Wild Ocean Farm for under $10 million from owner Kelly Klein, (Calvin Klein's ex). The Material Gal is also eyeing an additional 24 acres adjoining the property, listed for $2.4 million.

Although she's had a few well-documented spills, a resilient Madonna remains undeterred from her passion. "You're flirting with danger when you ride a horse," she recently told David Letterman. "But you see the world of nature in a different way."

This past April, while visiting celebrity lensman and pal Steven Klein at his Bridgehampton estate, Madonna took a tumble. An accomplished rider, the superstar was displaying her equine jumping prowess. She was released from Southampton Hospital sustaining only minor injuries and bruises. However, when she was thrown from a horse at her Wiltshire, UK estate in 2005, the damage was far more serious. The superstar cracked three ribs and broke her hand and collarbone.

Several months ago, Kelly Klein is said to have whispered that she was looking for a buyer for the property, which boasts indoor and outdoor rings for training show horses. Klein and Madonna apparently made the deal without a broker. Actress and horsewoman Stefanie Powers, who sold the property to Klein in 2000, says that the indoor riding ring is particularly special for its craftsmanship. "It's a wonderful place. I hope she's got some good people," said Powers when hearing about Madonna's interest in the farm. "(There is) a lot to keep on top of."

Since local laws restrict building a house on the property, Madonna is also said to be interested in Shady Maple Farm nearby at 549 Mitchell's Lane, to house her staff. Listed at $4.4 million, the 1930s 2 barn, 4 bedroom farmhouse has a 20' x 50' pool and abuts a nature reserve. The estate is owned by architectural designer Michael Minkoff, a friend of Madonna's pal Gwyneth Paltrow.
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