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The law of real estate may be location, location, location. But when it comes to celebrity real estate, there's an additional law (or three): service, service, service.

From Eloise, the fictional six year-old girl who lived on the "tippy-top floor" of the Plaza hotel, to modern day celebs, the well-heeled have long appreciated the perks of hotel living. Add Judy Sheindlin -- better known to tv viewers as the gavel-wielding Judge Judy -- to the list of pampered hotel dwellers.

Sheindlin recently purchased a two-bedroom, 11th-floor apartment at the posh Sherry Netherland. The storied hotel, located at 781 Fifth Ave., has been home to other prominent residents, such as Barbra Streisand, George Burns, William Holden and Diana Ross.

Hotel living has its perks. Imagine all the amenities of a five-star property like daily housekeeping and room service. There's a concierge on hand 24/7 to walk your dog, handle vet visits, book your hair stylist appointments or shop. "Famous people like to live in hotels because of incredible service and history," explains Alan Worden principal of Scout Real Estate Capital. The company owns the newly renovated Martha's Vineyard 1891 icon, the Harbor View Hotel & Resort. "Everything you need is at your fingertips – you live out a fantasy."

Her Honor's 3,150-square foot light-filled aerie was reportedly first listed in October 2008 with a hefty $15,000,000 asking price. Ultimately, the price was reduced to $7,999,000 and the grandma of eleven snatched it up for $6.75 million. It's merely chump change for the syndicated TV star who, in 2007, locked in her perch on CBS's bench through 2013, which earns her a reported $45 million a year.

Sheindlin, who owns properties in Naples, Florida, Los Angeles and Greenwich, Connecticut, and has a yacht called "Her Honor", is said to using the aristocratic digs as a pied-a-terre. There are plenty of ideal spots for curling up with a good book - or legal brief. She can choose from a 30 x 29 foot living room, which offers exceptional views of Central Park, the 21-foot long, wood paneled library, or even the giant-sized bathtub.

But the 5'2" powerhouse seems to take all her success in stride. Before she was discovered and plucked from being your garden-variety family court judge to having the most watched courtroom in America, she was living simply and on the verge of retiring on her $40,000 a year pension. "I would have been happy. A little Social Security, a little bit of equity in an apartment, in a little apartment," Sheindlin told 60 Minutes. "Go down to Florida, buy a two-bedroom condo and eat early birds. That was the idea."
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