Happiness Is a Warm Gun for Kansas Homes Buyers

It's not unusual for banks and other businesses to offer some kind of rebate or "inducement" to get customers to open a new checking account or make some other business transaction.

Ben Edsall, a real estate broker based in Kansas City (not pictured), has apparently taken things a step further, offering a Buy a House, Get a Gun coupon. According to Examiner.com, Mr. Edsall himself is not immune to gun-based incentives, having bought his own truck from a local car dealer that offered either a free tank of gas or a free hand gun.

A Texas-based broker offered Glock handguns to buyers in 2006, and Michael Moore documented a bank that gave away rifles to those open new accounts in the movie, Bowling for Columbine.Inducements are actually illegal in some states, including Missouri, so Mr. Edsall is only offering the coupon on the Kansas side of Kansas City at this point.

Whatever works, Mr. Edsall.
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