Employee Goes 43 Years Without A Sick Day

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Here's a little inspiration to get you through those days when you wake up and all you want to do is call in sick for no good reason: 70-year-old Rhea Holt hasn't missed a day of work in 43 years.

That's nearly 90,000 hours or roughly 11,180 days on the job without an excuse for why he couldn't make it into the office.

Holt works as a mechanic repairing big rig trucks at Auto Truck Rental and Leasing company in Nashville, TN. He's reported to duty every day since he started on March 26, 1966.

He's even outlasted the original owner, Howard Harlan, who hired Holt four decades ago. Harlan has since retired and passed the company down to his son, Lee, who was born 10 months after Holt first reported to work.

Unlike many of us, Holt's first instinct isn't to call out for a little R&R for a case of the sniffles, a late night out on the town or to just catch up on sleep. He says he was raised with such a strict work ethic, "sick" is not an option.

"I don't like staying home," Holt recently told local television station WKRN-TV in an interview. He went on to joke that his "wife has too many honey-dos," referring to the work he'd have to do at home if he skipped out on the repair shop.

Co-workers say Holt brightens up the company. With his positive attitude and good sense of humor it's tough to be in a bad mood around him. They also look to Holt for inspiration, and maybe just the boost they need to keep them from sleeping late or taking a day off for no good reason.

Apparently his excellent work ethic is contagious - two other employees have worked at the company for a combined 71 years - missing only a total of 13 days.

Still, it doesn't seem like anyone will be breaking Holt's perfect attendance record anytime soon - the handyman told the TV station he has no intention of retiring in the near future.

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