Bushwick Trailer Park Welcomes Artists


Abandoned factories and warehouse were once the imagined palaces du jour for struggling Brooklyn artists. But two decades into the whole repurposed building boom, developers inserted insta-luxury into said commercial spaces, and priced most people out.

So what's the next studio space trend? Not the college dorm-inspired McKibbin lofts. (SO mid-'00s). Instead artsy hipster types are peeping an unmarked 6,500-square-foot warehouse with 16-foot ceilings in Bushwick (off the Montrose L stop) housing salvaged campers. "Private artist studio space," is how cofounder Hayden Cummings describes the six campers, currently part of The Nut Factory (formerly a nut roasting factory). "There's no affordable private space for artists to create art together, so now it's come to campers in warehouses."

So far Cummings and two business partners have quietly posted ads on Craigslist about their artist community/trailer park. "Imagine you get your own mini-building with windows on all sides!" boasts the ad.

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