Office Flings Heat Up During Holidays

In a recent study conducted by, it was found that as many as 45% of married (or in a relationship) workers say that they would be tempted to engage in a holiday fling at the company holiday party, regardless of how attractive the co-worker is.

Too Much Mistletoe and Eggnog

Perhaps its too much mistletoe and spiked eggnog, or perhaps workers just use the workplace holiday party as a vehicle to excuse their misbehavior. It is the time of year when everyone begins to become more conscious of whether they are on the naughty or nice list, and some people obviously choose the latter.

Resolutions and Secrets

With New Year's right around the corner people feel mixed emotions as another year draws to a close and they begin to think about their resolutions for the upcoming year, everything they failed to do, and everything they accomplished.

At this point many, almost half of all workers, obviously feel the pressure to round out their year with a last hurrah of some kind, go out with a bang, and the chosen form is an extramarital affair with a co-worker.

Coat Room Tussle

Perhaps it is the mystery of it all and the feeling that you get when you have a secret that no one else knows about, but a kiss under the mistletoe or a tussle in the coat room will leave you with a blemish on your conscious and one more thing to put on your New Year's resolution list in January under the category, Things to NOT do in 2010. Besides jeopardizing your job and your family life, Santa will definitely knock you off the nice list and put coal in your stocking for being bad. Keep your conscious in check this holiday season and only leave your coat at the coat check.

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