What's Hot on Rented Spaces


Budget Tricks

Our two new Savings Experiment videos are striking a chord. Watch as contributor Jane Tuv shows you how to Host a $20 Dinner Party and Cut Your Heating Costs.

Tiger Woods
We all can't get enough of this salacious Tiger Woods story. It just keeps getting worse and worse: We're up to something like 14 mistresses at last count. So naturally readers loved our piece about his alleged mistress selling her Las Vegas condo, and our original post about the scene of the crime, Woods' gargantuan Palm Beach Mansion.

Celebrity News
In other celeb news, Madonna bought a $10 million piece of property she can't even build a house on. What gives, Madge? She must need some fresh air to escape from her New York City neighbor troubles.

Sketchy Landlords
Or, make that fake landlords. Our story about a conniving Long Island man faces seven years in prison for renting out properties he doesn't own, Now there's a way to make money in the recession.