Rolling Stone: A Planet Hollywood for the 2010's?


There's nothing wrong with branching out. It's actually a most human trait to reach for more, to expand, but it also goes without saying that to branch out successfully, you gotta keep killing it where you started.

In the past month Rolling Stone magazine came out with it's top song of the past decade, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." So far I have not heard one person praise that call. What's happened to the legendary music mag? Rolling Stone has recently gotten political with pieces by Matt Taibbi on the 2008 Presidential Race and world happenings like the recent "Darfuristan" piece, but it seems they're now veering even further away with a new venture: a restaurant/bar/nightclub to open in the Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue area in the summer of 2010. (Going forward it will be known as RS: The Hyphenate.)

To me this second announcement of the month by RS is almost as puzzling as it's no. 1 song choice.