Roaches Relegate Renter to Hallway

One Las Vegas renter was so grossed out by his roach-infested apartment that he recently slept in the hallway to escape.

"There's thousands upon thousands of them," renter Tony Filipic told Las Vegas' ABC News.

Filipic, a college student who recently relocated to Las Vegas' Villas at Desert Pointe apartment complex, has found roaches crawling up the walls, in the sinks, embedded in the carpet and even stuck in paint on the ceiling. They are literally everywhere.

Filipic has tried Raid and complained to management, but nothing seems to be working. The complex's handyman set off a bug bomb, but to no avail. Neighbors are moving out and Filipic says the only solution is for a professional exterminator to treat the entire, infested complex.

Here's the news segment:

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