3D Blu-ray players coming; time to update yours?

The Blu-ray player and the HDTV that you bought recently might have to be replaced by a enhanced version sometime soon -- if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

After having defeated the HD DVD in the high-definition format war recently, the Blu-ray format in poised to be extended for 3D encoding. The Blu-Ray Disc Association announced Thursday that it set down the format for encoding full 3D 1080p content. This means, in the near future, Blu-ray discs will carry 3D movies.

The timing of the announcement is significant. Today James Cameroon's 3D epic "Avatar" hits the many enhanced 3D screens in theaters. "Avatar," which was in the making for many years, is expected to be a "game-changer" movie.

Cameroon developed a light weight 3D camera as he was shooting the film, and he is said to have delayed the release of the film until a time when 3D screens were more common in U.S. theaters. 3D is touted to be the future of the entertainment industry.

Just as 3D hits the screens in the movie theaters, 3D content will reach our homes in Blu-ray discs. But the Blu-ray player that you bought recently might not be able to play the 3D content. Moreover, you will have to replace your HDTV too, if it is not 3D capable.

The good news is that your current Blu-ray player and HDTV will play the 3D discs and show the content happily in 2D. But you would want to stay ahead of the curve and enjoy true 3D, right?

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