Mafia Wars limited edition charity item drums up support for hungry kids

Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars

Zynga is going the whole hog on charity. First it raised money using FarmVille for FATEM and other Haitian charities. Then it announced itself as a sponsor for the game development charity Hidden Agenda. Now it's come back to Haiti again, and Zynga has decided to change things up with Mafia Wars items instead of FarmVille ones. The new item in Mafia Wars called the Haitian Drum, and it costs 25 favor points (about $5). A portion of each purchase will go towards FATEM to set up kitchens in Haiti to feed underpriveleged schoolchildren where kitchens are not present.

It's nice to see a developer contributing to charity like this, as it gets people that might not normally give to charity a reason to do so. If you really want to get involved, however, donate directly to FATEM's kitchen restoration project.

[via Mafia Wars Blog]