Zynga boycott in effect: Virtual mobsters put a hit out on Mafia Wars

A Mafia Wars group called the Infinity Clan has put out a hit on Zynga, calling for players to boycott Mafia Wars and all of Zynga's games on December 16-21.

These PO'd mobsters are not only tired of the game's instability, but are also calling Zynga on the carpet for a myriad of eyebrow-raising behaviors including the following:

- Mafia Wars partial page loads and changing skill points
- Zynga's 'no refund' policy, even if the game won't load for days
- Inability to secure payment processing
- Pushing untested updates to players
- Poor customer service
- Censoring complaints on its official message boards\

During the last 24-hour boycott, the game's Daily Active Users dropped 15% according to AppData. Right now, the group has 428,000 members, which is pretty impressive for a grassroots effort.

To put that into perspective, Mafia Wars has 26 million active users, so we'll be interested to see if this boycott will be big enough to compel Zynga to give into the demands.

If you're compelled to join this protest, you can join via the boycott's Facebook page or leave a message on the Infinity Clan forums.

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