Worst Gifts, Ever

Worst Gifts EverYour mother taught you to be polite and say "thank you" when you receive a gift. It's the thought that counts, right?

But, what if the "thought" behind a gift doesn't square with much thought at all?

Apartment dwellers are familiar with the well-meaning, but oversized, gifts from people who don't understand the reality of tight living quarters.

Not surprisingly, physically large gifts can be the least of worries...

For example, the vegetarian given a meat cookbook or the year-plus girlfriend gifted a frozen pizza. These and other true tales of gifts gone wrong can be found at myworstgiftever.com, an inventory of gifts submitted anonymously by people throughout the world.

"Myworstgiftever.com is equal parts PSA, OMG and WTF," said Harry Lin, CEO of Lottay, a Los Angeles-based online gift-giving and wish-list company that launched the site last week, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

If you're fearful you need gift-giving ideas, look no further than our recommendations. Here's a compilation of eight no-fail gifts in our holiday gift guide. We've also offer opinions on holiday wines under $10 and easy-peel wall decals to boost any decor. We're also down with decorating under $20 and healthy doses of DIY.

This holiday season say thanks for the generosity of others ... even if you're silently wondering "what were they thinking?!".

via Chicago Sun-Times
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