Rumor: Penguins waddling their way onto FarmVille?

penguin coming to farmville?
penguin coming to farmville?

According to LightChan, the next animal to come to FarmVille this holiday season will be a penguin. There's no information on what exactly the penguin will do, or where this information comes from, but we'll do our best to speculate on just what exactly a penguin might be doing on a FarmVille establishment. After all, you're not exactly likely to see a penguin on your average midwest farm!

Our speculation is that the penguin will be adopted by finding it wandering around the farm during the holiday season, much like the lost reindeer. For finding the penguin, players will get a beautiful bird (that's the penguin itself) that, when harvested, provides them with downy feathers for some coinage. It could also be sold on the market for FarmVille cash.