Restaurant City gets more holiday-themed decorations and recipes


Restaurant City is still going strong, and Playfish has no intention of leaving the social game out of the continued holiday additions. While there has already been a major addition to recipes and a minor addition in regards to items, there is now a huge, restaurant-revamping amount of holiday items for players to purchase in the market. You can dress up your restaurant with all sorts of holiday decorations, such as gingerbread doors, candy canes, and Christmas presents.

Alongside the new (and functionally useless) decorations, there are also two new items and a new recipe. The new items are a gingerbread bed and a festive toilet, both of which make the users perform their ... activities twice as fast. The new recipe is carrot cake, and is given to anybody who has themselves marked as a fan of the application. This recipe is exclusive, so those that are not fans will not get the recipe.