The Pipeline to New Office Creation

Its All About Green

A revolutionary and creative thing has occurred in the building industry all because of green. Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects has taken massive steel pipes commonly used for wind turbines and incorporated them into the architectural design of the piping company T. Bailey's office building. While this move is a clever form of advertising, it is also focused on being green and saving some green.

Not to be mistaken for show only, these steel pipes help control how air flows through the building thereby reducing cooling costs. Powered by solar energy, a skylight, and large fan in the center of a 22' pipe rising from the 11,700 square-foot office building like the Washington Monument, serve to suck warm air from the office space, through the pipe, and evacuate it out of the building, significantly reducing the cooling load of the building structure.

Keeping It Green

Other green and environmentally-friendly aspects of this building include: unfinished raw materials such as concrete floors, unfinished steel and an exposed structure. With reduced coating and fewer toxic materials, this building is not only good to the green earth, but it saves some money on the supplies, and puts some green back into the owner's pocket.

The Dream Pipeline

While this building was the first attempt by this architectural firm to explore the idea of using a client's products as part of the actual building structure, I do not think it will be a pipe dream for long since the green movement is gaining more and more support and momentum as we race against time to combat the issues of ozone depletion, polar ice cap melting and other environmental concerns.

What many architects and builders can learn from this example is that it is possible to be green, save some green and explore revolutionary one-of-a-kind -ideasall at once if you are willing to lay the pipeline, or groundwork as most would say.

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