Obama, CO2 Cube in Copenhagen

As if you needed yet another reminder that climate catastrophe is on the way, here's a glowing multimedia cube to drive home the point that global warming is real and dangerous.

Made of 12 shipping containers, CO2 CUBE: Visualize a Tonne of Change is a site-specific art installation in Copenhagen equipped with video screens streaming news, artworks and lots of digital imagery about critical environmental issues - to us and more importantly, to delegates from 200 countries attending the contentious United Nations summit on global warming in the city.

Take notice and do something, the CO2 CUBE, designed by L.A. architect Christophe Cornubert and Danish artist Alfio Bonanno, is flashing to anyone who might care to listen (including President Obama, who lands in Copenhagen on Friday, but not alas, climate change doubter Sarah Palin).
There's also a message in the CUBE's 19,683-cubic foot (or one metric ton) size: that's how much carbon dioxide is released monthly by the average citizen of an industrialized nation. Of course, we fossil-fuel happy Americans emit that amount in a mere two weeks.

Maybe it would it help to have a magical cube (perhaps a bit smaller) in our homes to remind us of our daily CO2 sins.

In the meantime, here are some more practical ideas: Buy a smart meter, which provides real time information about your home's energy use and efficiency (8 million are now in installed in U.S. homes and could reach 40 million by 2015).

Estimate your home's carbon footprint with this nifty EPA calculator.

Buy carbon offsets when you fly.

We thank you - and so do the polar bears.
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