No Miami Is an Island

World without winter... Miami, Florida
World without winter... Miami, Florida

No man is an island, and, hopefully, Miami won't become an island, either. Those partial to belief in "sending good vibes" might want to send the climate change discussion at "Hopenhagen" an added dose of "hope."

The Wall Street Journal reports that tempers flared Monday in Copenhagen at the United Nations Climate Conference. A collection of poorer countries known as the "Group of 77" walked out in protest over what they called inadequate aid from rich, polluting countries such as the United States.

The "Group of 77" includes poor, developing countries as well as large-scale polluters such as Brazil, India, and China.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Newswire (HSN) reports this week on dire consequences of rising sea levels in Florida. Consider the drastic effects a two-foot rise in sea level will have on Florida real estate...