Drinking Buddies Facebook game can't compete with the real thing


There's yet another way to spread the holiday spirit, aside from chugging eggnog and spiced rum with wild abandon. The new Drinking Buddies game on Facebook promises to get you nice and buzzed -- virtually -- by letting you buy drinks for yourself or a friends (or requesting them when you run out of cash). While this booze-based social game is an OK way to kill a couple minutes during the day, Drinking Buddies doesn't come close to bellying up to the bar with your real-life drinking buddies.

drinking buddies on facebook not as good as the real th ing
drinking buddies on facebook not as good as the real th ing

The ultimate goal of the game is increase your popularity by drinking enough to reach equilibrium (either warm, buzzed, drunk or rowdy) and turn into the life of the party. Stay too sober or get too drunk, and your popularity will decline. Once you run out of cash and chug the drinks sent from friends who are also playing the game, you'll have to wait to start all over again. Monitoring your popularity requires you to look at the leaderboard, but we would really like to see another way to keep track of your social standing, maybe with something as simple as a meter with points on the main page.