Daily Wrap: FarmVille's not like real farming, Playdom pulls in $50 million

farmville crops
farmville crops

FarmVille isn't like real farming -- in case you were wondering

A preachy post on GOOD talks about how everyone's favorite virtual farming game doesn't come close to real-life farming. "There's little of the harsh reality that Americans value food only enough to spend 10 percent of their income on it." The author makes valid points, but avoiding FarmVille isn't going to solve the world's agricultural problems. Oh yeah, and FarmVille is a game that people play, for entertainment. Maybe this guy needs a little virtual farming fun to dislodge that big stick outta his ... tractor. [GOOD]

Gaming's Set to Bounce Back in 2010
Good news, gamers! A pair of analysts say that the declining video game biz will turn around next year thanks to demand from 'core gamers,' new motion-sensored products from Microsoft and Sony and further hardware price cuts. [Business Insider]

FarmVille winter holiday decorating contest is on!
Submit images of your winter-themed farms from now through December 28 for a chance to win 500 Farm Cash and 500,000 coins. The FarmVille crew will select their top 10 faves and, no, Photoshopped farms not will be eligible for prizes.
[Zynga forum]

Playdom expects to pull in a cool $50 million this year
Playdom CEO says his social gaming company, responsible for games such as Mobsters 2 and Sorority Life, will bring in $50 million dollars. Seventy-five percent of that money is from virtual goods sales alone. Microtransactions, ftw! [Business Insider]