Cult of Snuggie expands to include kids: too bad they're way too long for your average 8-year-old

The product: Snuggie for Kids
The price: $19.95 for two, plus $15.90 for shipping and handling, so the price really is $35.85 for two, You can get one for about $15 in retail stores.
The claims: "Now you can keep the whole family warm with Snuggie For Kids, a smaller size Snuggie™ Blanket with smaller arms so that kids can stay warm and do what they want to do!"
The Buy-o-meter rating: 3 on a scale of 5

You've got your Snuggie, your dog has his Snuggie so what about the kids? Oh yeah, they've got that covered, too.

Now your entire brood can look like they're wearing some kind of fleece church robe. Awesome.

After rocketing to stardom last year with its god-awful commercial that spurred Americans to buy the things by the boatload, the Snuggie masterminds move their commercial focus to the even more vulnerable child population.

Indeed, it has been easy to overhear schoolyard conversation about Snuggie for Kids, including the thrown-in "fun socks." Eeesh.

We put Snuggie to the test, using some already brainwashed kids to see what they thought of them. OK, they loved them. But there's more to the story.

Unlike the joyful lot on the commercial who in addition to watching TV and playing video games, go to sporting events and even play in a playground -- these blankets with arms are just too long for kids under 10.

Our testers, a handful of 6- and 7-year-olds, looked appropriately silly wearing them. So far, so good. They said they were warm. Another plus. And then, one of them got up. And fell down. And another tried to walk up the steps and nearly fell. The problem: Snuggie for Kids are just too long for young kids to walk in. Unless they hoisted up the bottom like you would with a wedding dress, every few feet the bottom would get stepped on. Snuggie for Kids is long enough for most adults. They're not so dangerous that you can't wear them, just kind of silly long for kids who aren't quite 10. Go to an elementary school and look at the range of sizes of kids and decide whether one size really does fit all. I wouldn't use one on the playground as they do in the infomercial.

Then came the next issue -- something common to Snuggie for adults, too. Within about 15 minutes, the kids had pulled them off, saying they loved them, but they were too warm. That's actually not that a big problem, since staying warm actually is the point. So, if you keep your thermostat around 70, Snuggie's going to melt your kids. But for those of you who keep their homes at a far chillier temperature and are tired of the kids whining about it, put 'em in a Snuggie for Kids and plop 'em down on the couch. That's when these are at their best.

Whether you want to join the cult or not is up to you.
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