Cult of Snuggie expands to include kids: too bad they're way too long for your average 8-year-old


The product:

Snuggie for Kids
The price: $19.95 for two, plus $15.90 for shipping and handling, so the price really is $35.85 for two, You can get one for about $15 in retail stores.
The claims: "Now you can keep the whole family warm with Snuggie For Kids, a smaller size Snuggie™ Blanket with smaller arms so that kids can stay warm and do what they want to do!"
The Buy-o-meter rating: 3 on a scale of 5

You've got your Snuggie, your dog has his Snuggie so what about the kids? Oh yeah, they've got that covered, too.

Now your entire brood can look like they're wearing some kind of fleece church robe. Awesome.