Christmas Light Etiquette: Respect Thy Neighbor

Christmas lights have long been a-blazin with Jesus Christ's birthday less than a week away. For some people, decorating their home consists of a strand or two of white lights, some garland, and a modest tree. Others go all Dyker Heights with elaborate winter wonderland accoutrement. We spoke to Jacqueline Whitmore, CSP an international etiquette expert about how to keep holiday light displays kosher.

DON'T leave your lights on or up year-round.
Year-round lights come off less festive and more lazy/inconsiderate. We spotted lights adorning a Manhattan fire escape starting September 19th! "Lights go up right after Thanksgiving and stay up through New Year's Day," says Whitmore. "You can have to the third."

Avoid bright Christmas lights in front of your neighbor's bedroom window. Nothing says good neighbor like 24-hour flashing wattage keeping neighbors up all night. "Consider keeping the ones near your neighbor's bedroom on a 10pm timer," says Whitmore. "You don't want to disturb your neighbors."