Singer returns to eBay with paper dress -- leftover Christmas giftwrap


"Wouldn't it be weird," thought Nashville, Tenn. singer Britt Savage, "if I could ask everybody to give me their old Christmas wrapping paper?"

Remember, she goes on, when you were a kid and you had to save the wrapping paper, opening everything super-carefully. "You'd upset the whole family if you just ripped your gift up," she says.

The next step is logical only for someone with a mind like Savage's: make a dress from the resulting amalgam of saved paper, packing tape, velcro and staples ("a bunch of staples!"), and wear it onstage for a holiday season gig.

When I spoke to her a few hours before that gig on Tuesday night, Savage was buzzing with excitement, having just picked up a little more packing tape to secure the dress, a string of lights for her mic stand, and "granny pants. The skirt was already really short, so I went to this dancewear store, and they told me they're called cheerleading pants!" she tells me.