Roller Coaster Kingdom riders decline


Zynga's theme park inspired social networking game, Roller Coaster Kingdom seems to be on a steady decline this month. In part, the game's lack of a real fun factor, no fast option to add visitors to one's park, a firm reliance on players recruiting friends and too many choices in the Facebook gaming world may all play roles in the decrease in players.

While the game has recently added holiday rides and accessories, an option for an installable game bar to track one's progress in the game, it appears that Zynga's long lack of significant support is finally translating into a dip in players. As AppData reports, Roller Coaster Kingdom lost 202,962 daily active users in the past 24 hours and 1,103,757 in the past week. While that only represents 1/16th of the game's total players, it's also represents a 38% drop in monthly users (from 2,749,598 on 11/16 to 1,701,938 today).

[via AppData]