Pet Society advent calendars: it's not too late to buy one

If you've been shopping around the stores in Pet Society lately you probably noticed that there are many Christmas items for sale to help celebrate the holiday season. The Advent Calendar is one of these special items, which you can buy in the Furniture store.
For those who don't know, an advent calendar is a special calendar that celebrates the days leading up to Christmas.In celebration of the countdown, Pet Society is giving each player who purchases an advent calendar one small gift each day from December 1-24.

The advent calendar comes in two different designs, the Gingerbread House Advent Calendar and the Holiday Tree Advent Calendar.Pet Society only gives one small gift per day to every player who purchases an advent calendar.If you purchase more than one calendar you will not receive any extra gifts.Also, the Gingerbread House Advent Calendar and the Holiday Tree Advent Calendar both give the same gift, so if you purchase either one you'll still get the same gift. If you purchase both or more calendars, you won't get any extra gifts. So just buy one calendar unless you want to buy extra ones for decoration.

In order to receive the small gift each day your advent calendar must be displayed in one of your rooms.It can be hung on your wall and if your room has a light switch, it also glows in the dark when the lights are turned off.If your calendar is placed in your chest you will not receive your small gift.So be sure to display it somewhere and not leave it in your chest.In order to receive your small gift you must go to the room where the calendar is displayed, once you enter the room where your advent calendar is displayed a pop up window will appear which will show a picture and description of the small gift you just received. New gifts are given everyday when your local time hits midnight.If you've noticed other players have received their gifts before you, this is probably because where they live, their time is ahead of yours.It's also good to check that the clock, timezone, and country settings for your computer are correctly set.

If you don't login to Pet Society for an entire day you will not receive your small gift for that day.If you only purchased your advent calendar recently, you will not receive the free gifts for the days you missed. Good news is, pet society has lowered the price of the advent calendar from 3,500 coins to 2,000 coins for those who haven't purchased one yet.The price difference is to make up for the small gifts you won't receive for the missed days. Also, since the advent calendar is a countdown to Christmas, for each day you receive a gift, that numbered day in the calendar will disappear. So by December 24th your advent calendar should be blank without any numbers.

So far, the small gifts players have received since day 1 (December 1st) have been tree ornaments that can be hung only on a holiday tree, which are currently for sale at the garden store, or Christmas trees from 2008. However the tree ornaments you receive from the advent calendar are not sellable, recyclable or giftable and can't be placed on any other items except a holiday tree or Christmas tree from last year. If you try to place one of the gift ornaments on any other item, such as the top of a table or shelf, it will end up falling to the ground. Quite a bummer if you ask me. One cool feature about the ornaments is that, just like the advent calendars, they also glow in the dark. Although the gift ornaments can't be sold, recycled or gifted, the advent calendar can, so you're not forced to keep the advent calendar as you are the ornaments.

If you haven't purchased an advent calendar yet, it's not too late. You will still receive a small gift from the day of purchase up to December 24th.Also, the price of the advent calendar has now been reduced to 2000 coins to make up for the gifts you missed. So head over to the furniture store now to get one but remember, unless you plan on displaying the gift ornaments on your floor, you'll also need to purchase a holiday tree to hang them on. Christmas is a holiday of giving but it's also a holiday of spending, even in Pet Society.

Guest writer Paborito is the head pet at Pet Society Help a place for tips and help on Pet Society.

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