Obama: "Sexy" Homes Could Stimulate Economy


If R28 insulation and CFLs get you all hot and bothered, you're not alone. Turns out President Obama also finds energy efficient home remodeling to be titillating, reports USA Today. As climate talks draw to an end in Copenhagen, Obama visited a suburban Home Depot--perhaps the least sensual setting on the planet-- to push a plan that would bestow tax breaks on folks who retrofit their homes with better doors and windows, more efficient heating and cooling systems and, um, tighter envelopes.

"Here's what's sexy about it," he said. "Saving money." We're not sure if that's because it leaves more cash in your pocket for sex toys or because green building is the flavor of the day. In addition to saving money and energy, the policy would "stimulate" the economy and create new jobs, too. Maybe a few racy films starring scantily clad energy auditors?

In fact, the jobs could come from folks purchasing said insulation and CFLs, part of the buy-our-way-back-to-business strategy Obama has promoted since entering office.