Man wins lottery and leaves wife, who faces eviction


When her husband won part of a $19 million lottery jackpot in Florida, Donna Campbell had reason to be optimistic. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. Her husband left her, and now she's about to be evicted from the home they'd shared together.

In 2007, Arnim Ramdass, a then-airline mechanic, won the jackpot with 17 co-workers in Miami and took home nearly half a million dollars after taxes (the group of co-winners opted for the lump sum payout - about $10.2 million, and divided it accordingly).

Although the news was big at the time, Ramdass apparently didn't feel the need to tell his wife about the windfall. And when she confronted him about it, after seeing a postcard congratulating Ramdass on the purchase of a new home, he simply split.

Never mind about pesky details like filing divorce papers, providing for alimony for the stay-at-home former beauty queen, or even making the mortgage payments on their Miramar, FL home.

Clearly this guy is Husband of the Year material. Campbell's lawyer (working pro-bono, of course), can't even find him to serve him papers.

I don't know how it took more than two years after him leaving for the home to go into foreclosure, but it's sad that Campbell has to leave the home that she and her husband lived in together before he got lucky in the lottery and skipped out on her.