Daily Wrap: M-Rated version of FarmVille, China to police social games


In addition to the big news that FarmVille creator Zynga scored a cool $180 million from a bunch of Russians, we also discovered an M-rated version of Farmville, a study that says women prefer Facebook over Twitter and China plans to step up monitoring social games.

FarmVille goes M-Rated in the new game, The Farm
OK, so there's not really an M-rated version of FarmVille, but we couldn't help but wonder if the game titled 'The Farm' on Armor Games was just the teeny tiniest bit inspired by the farm game's big success. Instead of growing crops and raising animals, this shooter arms you to the teeth to protect your farm from endless packs of wolves and other predators. Let them get too close to your precious sheep and it's game over. [Armor Games]

the farm -- like farmville, with blood
the farm -- like farmville, with blood

Women like Facebook better than Twitter
(Don't we all?)
A new SheSpeaks study shows that women prefer Facebook over Twitter. Ninety-five percent of the women surveyed belong to Facebook (up almost 50% from last year) and 40% surveyed said they have Twitter accounts -- and that 80% of those who have both prefer Facebook. Comparing the two really seems like apples and oranges -- on Facebook you can see friends updates, photos and write them long notes. You can also play tons of cool games. On Twitter, you usually just hear from those who post the most.

People use the iPhone to ... play games!

Another study finds that people play games more on the iPhone than other cell phones, and that iPhone users play games just as much as they listen to music and surf the Web. That's because gaming + iPhone = awesome. [Silicon Alley Insider]

China plans to police social games, which "distort social order and moral standards."

Not sure what's going on with social gaming in China, but the government has issued a decree that it will be keeping a much closer eye on social games, because they're corrupting their youth. Oh, China. [Games.com News]

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