Bejeweled Blitz: Four advanced tips for skilled gem masters

bejeweled blitz cheats and tipsBejeweled Blitz on Facebook (and iPhone) takes the classic gem-matching game and turns it into a full-fledged competition, by giving players one minute to score as many points as possible. Then, your score is posted to a leaderboard so you can see how your skills stack up to your friends'.

What they don't tell you about this puzzle game is that it's more addictive than crack, chocolate and puppies combined. So for those of you who are already good at the game, but want to take it to the next level, here's four tips from Bejeweled master Cindy 'Julia Gemstone' Roberson that will help you climb to the top of the leaderboard this week (and every week after).

Play the game with sound to get the big scores

Memorize the sounds associated with the moves - especially the sound made when a multiplier is made, and the sound made when a multiplier is matched or exploded. The split second that you hear the sound of a multiplier created, look for a way to match it. Making a move after the multiplier is created without looking for a match can cost you the opportunity to match it. The game is designed to help create a match within zero to three moves after it is created.

If you hear the sound made when a multiplier gem is created immediately followed by the sound made when it is matched, the concentration on your moves does not have to be interrupted to look for a multiplier match.

Multipliers are the most important goal for the one-minute game

The more multipliers you can create and match or explode, the higher the scoring possibilities. The previous version of Bejeweled Blitz allowed the creation of a multiplier gem only once in 10 seconds, so multipliers over 6X were extremely rare, and if a 7X gem showed up, it was probably ineffective. The new version has similar restrictions, but it is possible to get more than one multiplier in 10 seconds.

It takes at least double the number of destroyed gems in one move to create a second multiplier within the same 10 seconds after a previous one was created. In an advanced strategy, if you just created and matched a multiplier, and have another flame gem, star gem or hypercube available for matching, but you do not believe that it would double the number of destroyed gems with that one move, it would be wise to make a few other moves before matching the flame or star gem or using the hypercube to allow the 10 second gap to pass.

Blazing Speed bonus is vital to the higher scores

A 5-second "Blazing Speed" bonus is achieved after a minimum of 25 moves made in quick succession. When in "Blazing Speed" mode, your moves are doubled in value for five seconds. A 3-gem match is like a flame gem match, etc.

The best results come when the "Blazing Speed" bonus goes into effect after reaching a 5X or 6X multiplier. It is possible to get two "Blazing Speed" bonuses within one game, but it is not advised, as this is an indication that you can create a lot of 3-gem matches within a short time, and but your game is probably not going to have a lot matched multipliers if getting two "Blazing Speed" bonuses is your only goal.

To get the most out of a "Blazing Speed" bonus, make each move at a different location on the board. If you make a move in the upper left, look for the next one in the lower left. Don't wait for the first move to finish before making the second. By switching the locations of your moves, you can make more moves within the five seconds, and keep from losing a potential move (and the time taken trying to match something that is no longer there) as a result of the previous move.

Stretch one minute out as long as possible

When is a minute not a minute? When you're playing Bejeweled Blitz! The countdown timer is frozen when during the gem destroying of a hypercube or star gem, thus extending the game beyond an exact 60 seconds. The countdown timer is also frozen for this moves during the "Blazing Speed" bonus. Use this time to plan your next move strategy.

Tips courtesty of Cindy Roberson, author of the Definitive Strategy Guide of Bejewled 2 and Blitz.

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