Tracking Roaches and Rats by Neighborhood

If the sight of something scuttling across your floor prompts shrieks and weeks of sleeplessness, take note:

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has launched an Environmental Public Health Tracking Portal that lets users map the population of roaches, mice, and rats in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. The data was derived from the 2008 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey.
While only 9.5 percent of Upper East Side households reported seeing roaches daily in their homes, the numbers were decidedly different for East Harlem (51.1 percent), the Lower East Side/Chinatown (42.1 percent), and Washington Hieghts/Inwood (54.1 percent). If you can't afford Park Avenue, households in StuyTown, and Turtle Bay reported respectable 12.7 percent daily roach sightings, along with the lowest rodent run-ins at 6.7 percent.

But Manhattan's problems pale in comparison to the Bronx, with 43.6 percent of borough households seeing roaches daily and 36 percent reporting rodents in their buildings.

The solution, it seems, is to move to Staten Island, which has the best statistics by far – but I confess I'd rather brave the bugs.
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