USB gadgets to keep you warm in a cold office


For those of us who live in the Snowbelt, winter has arrived and offices that, just weeks ago, were comfortable are beginning to feel colder as drafts become harder to ignore.

If you aren't able to control the thermostat in your office due to cube-mates or a penny pinching boss, don't worry, you don't have to spend the next few months shivering in a corner. There are several cheap USB powered gadgets out there that can warm you up usign just your computer's USB port.

Hands and toes are the first body parts that get cold, so we'll start with a few devices to keep your digits nice and toasty.

Since heat rises, even an office that's comfortable at keyboard level can leave your toes less than toasty. Thankfully, a Tokyo based company, Thanko has produced a pair of USB powered heated slippers to keep you warm. These slippers may not win any fashion awards, but at $23 they won't break the bank either.