The House That Katie Price and Peter Andre Lived in ... for Sale

Somehow, we don't think the sea air can be blamed for the split of English celebrity-for-no-good-reason Katie Price and her hubbo Peter Andre, but the pair and their children rented a Malibu villa for three months beginning last February and announced their separation in early May. Guess the 'bu didn't work out for them.

The house that the couple leased for $100,000 a month just came on the market $13,950,000 -- a relative bargain given its size and location. The ocean-view Villa Cascata -- a masterpiece of Italian style architecture that has horse facilities, tennis courts, a guest house, and formal gardens -- has a whopping 14,000 square feet. It sits on 19 acres and has its own private waterfall plus enough land for a vineyard.
It is the personal home of designer Audrey Ruth -- and is nothing short of magnificent. And we forgive the owner's apparent lapse in good taste to lease to the attention-seeking Price and Co. According to Newspost Online, Katie Price is the person that half of Britons voted to be the least-likely guest welcomed at their Christmas table.

What is it about Katie Price that makes us want to dislike her so? There was a recent party where a 27-foot effigy of her was burned -- "all in good fun" of course. Dubbed "Britain's most shameless fame-whore" by Perez Hilton, could it be her promise to give birth live, online? Or her hijacking ex-husband Andre's Christmas visit to Santa at Harrods, an act that prompted the News of the World to say she had moved herself even higher up on the nation's hate list.

Price, a former model and businesswoman. She sold the rights to her wedding photos -- she looked like a dressed in pink Barbie doll is the consensus -- and manages to sell just about everything else she touches, from perfumes to books. Her private life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines. She and Andre met on on the reality TV series "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!," to which her perhaps most memorable moment involved tiny fish getting into her bikini.

Perhaps Hollywood should be glad things didn't work out here on the Left Coast.
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