The ad in Kraft headquarters lobby is Shake 'N half-baked

Walking into work and having someone immediately critique your appearance, or worse if you're a woman, your bust line, is reason enough to seek out a sexual harassment lawyer. So why, then, would Kraft put a Shake 'N Bake ad in its lobby consisting of a mirror with copy underneath reading, "You look smashing. But your chicken breasts could use a lift"?

For obvious reasons, workers at Kraft are not amused. Pointing out to a woman that her breasts are losing their war with gravity is not a good way to cultivate customer good will (or a healthy workplace environment).

Also, the ad just doesn't work. Besides doing nothing to pique one's appetite for a tasty plate of chicken, it's just not funny.

Comedy often works because it's a surprise. For this particular joke to work, the viewer/reader should at first think the ad is referring to her breasts, then realize it is referring to chicken breasts. The way the ad reads here, the word chicken is introduced before the word breast, which blows the joke completely.

I'm guessing the ad appeared in the lobby at Kraft only because the janitor was carrying it to the trash when he got distracted. Me, I'm just glad the ad copy writer wasn't working on the Viagra account.

Here's an example of a Shake 'N Bake ad that played on a woman's insecurities and promoted the product.

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