Square Enix looking to break into social games


Square Enix

wants to break into the social gaming market. We're not just talking MMOs, like the still-running Final Fantasy XI, but actual Facebook and browser games. Square Enix president Yoichi Wada revealed this to Develop Magazine in Tokyo recently, announcing that they had already set up a studio to work on social networking games. This, according to Wada, is intended to tap into the vast potential of social games as a market. While talking to Develop, Wada had this to say:

"Social and browser games, which is now a very big genre, is something we have started development into. It is an important area to address because it isn't related to any consoles and doesn't need specific hardware to run it, just applications on the client side. I believe that these types of games are going to be spreading and growing dramatically - especially in areas like Asia which does not have much penetration of consoles. The penetration power and destruction capability means it's an area we must tap into."

[via Joystiq]